5 Best Personal Finance Books to Read in 2020

“The best investment you can make is an investment in yourself…the more you learn, the more you’ll earn” This is one of the best quotes by Warren Buffet, who is not just a successful investor but a business tycoon and a philanthropist. In my last blog, I talked about the importance financial literacy and gaining … Read more

Why Build a Core-Satellite Investment Portfolio?

If you thought that ‘core’ and ‘satellite’ terms are used only in geology or astronomy, THINK AGAIN! These terms are often used to describe mutual fund investment strategies. A significant way to make a smart portfolio is to divide the investments into core and satellite.   Core and Satellite is a very old and proven investment approach of … Read more

Coronavirus Impact: How to Manage Your Personal Finance

We’re in Lockdown 3.0 as the government of India has extended the lockdown for another two weeks so that we stay at home during the coronavirus pandemic. However, there’re some states that have provided some relaxations to resume work. The coronavirus pandemic has already sent shockwaves through the global economy affecting the finances of people … Read more

Want to be rich? Top 4 benefits of Investing Early

“the sooner the better” YOU must have heard of this popular phrase a lot of times by a number of people throughout your life. But, this phrase holds true for investing as well. As human beings, we intend to keep everything for tomorrow, which never comes. This philosophy applies even for investment. Inculcating good habits … Read more

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