5 Tips to Live Life in the Present Moment

Sridevi’s untimely death have forced to make me think that life is really unpredictable. And, you may never know what will happen tomorrow. So, what should we do in such a case? Should we go on live the way we are living? Or, shall we take a step before life takes a U-turn? God has given us one life and want us to live it with the fullest. We continuously work hard to meet our goals, and, in a way, we forget the basic moral of life, i.e. “Be happy always and do not hold any grudges”. But, we still continue to worry and compete with each other, and sometimes, we tend to punish ourselves when we know we will not be able to do it. Often, we fail to accept defeat in similar fashion like we accept victory and we tend to work harder in order to be victorious.

While, there is nothing wrong to work harder to achieve success, but we need to accept failure graciously and take it as a lesson learnt. We need to realize our potential because it is we who know what is good for ourselves and no one else knows it better.

Take a simple example of a 5-year-old boy who do not worry about whether he would have to go to school tomorrow or how he will perform in his test, but he just wants to play Ludo now. So, why can’t we just be like the 5-year-old boy and stay in the present moment. At times, we worry too much about the future that is not in our hands and we do not know about it or remember what has happened in the past. And, what does it do – it adversely affects our present and the way we live “TODAY”.

Here are some tips that we can follow to start living the life in present moment:


Smile not because the world is smiling but because it will fill us with a great sense of positivity and change our attitude towards life. Waking up every morning with a smile will keep us in control of any negative thoughts that may come in throughout the day, and thus help us to be optimistic.

Appreciate the moments of today

As we move on in our day, we must soak in as much of the today as we can. We need to soak in anything that comes our way in the present moment, such as our thoughts, sounds, smell, emotions, and triumphs. We need to absorb the moments of today as much as possible to live life to the fullest.

Forgive & forget past moments

There may be situations when someone has hurt us in the part and we may not have appreciated it. But, it is better to forgive them and not keep it in our heart. We must move on in our life without holding any hatred towards anyone.

Stop worrying

We will not be able to live at the present moment if we are worrying too much about tomorrow. The famous cartoonist, Bill Keane once said, “Yesterday is the past, tomorrow is the future, but today is a “gift” and that’s why is called the present”. So, beautiful, isn’t it? Why can’t we live the life by staying the present?

Love thy job

And, last but not the least, love your job and do it with utmost sincerity. However,  if we are constantly surviving 5 days in a week waiting for the next weekend, then we are just wasting 71% of our life. So, what do we do? We have two options – we should either look a new job that we can actually enjoy and that matches our skills and abilities or find something that we appreciate about current career and focus on that instead of any negative energies.

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