Why you should STOP being complacent in today’s world?

Consider this scenario. You have a satisfying job, a nice salary that comes into your bank account every month, and some money you have saved to buy anything you want to and satisfy the needs of yourself and your family.

Perfect! Life is really cool

That is a life anyone wants. What else does ONE need?

STOP! Think again.

You might have everything in the world you need for a “perfect” life. But, will this perfection remains tomorrow or can you guarantee that this will be with you in the future.

Absolutely, not. No one can guarantee anything in this world because LIFE is unpredictable and you can expect unexpected things to happen in your life. Nothing is perfect or constant in this world as the things you have right now may not be in the future.

But, there is one thing that we can do if we want to ensure success.

And that is – STOP being complacent and that too in today’s world where there is so much uncertainty with many things happening around us. Being complacent means becoming comfortable in one position or skill. If you’re being complacent then it won’t help you to achieve your goals or live the life you want to live. According to the dictionary, complacency means “a feeling of smug or uncritical satisfaction with oneself or one’s achievements.”

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But, you may ask me one question, “isn’t being comfortable or secure the best thing in this world?”

Of course, it is and you’ve every right to lead a secure life especially when there is so much uncertainty around us. Due to the coronavirus pandemic, there are so many people who have lost their jobs. So, if you’re in a secure position then it clearly means that you’re doing something right and you should stay on that path.

But, is it really that simple. If you really want to succeed in life and advance yourself in your career or whatever you do then you should stop being complacent as it is the BIGGEST enemy of success. Complacency can lead to career stagnation. It is so easy to be complacent in today’s world and not pushing yourself to go the “extra mile”. But, if you want to live the life of your dreams and fulfill your goals and aspirations then you need to step out of your comfort zone. But, by no means, I’m suggesting that leading a life full of comforts is bad or you cannot live a settled life and live happily. After all, who doesn’t want to be happy? Being content is ONE thing and being complacent is another, and there is a subtle difference between contentment and complacency. Being content means to be happy at all times but being complacent means refusing to work to improve.

If you want to lead an extraordinary life, then you need to strive for more than what is comfortable. But, setting into the comfort zone or being complacent will certainly not going to help you to achieve this. I know that the market has become really competitive and with so many technological advancements, it has become highly competitive. Also, the companies are under tremendous pressure to push themselves and stay ahead of the competition. Therefore, they are looking for people who add value each day.

But, how you can add value in this competitive world – by pushing yourself out of your boundaries that is by NOT being complacent. You must understand this underlying fact that you own your career and you know yourself better than anyone else. Being complacent will only derail your career and push you backward. There are so many things for your to worry about in life so don’t use complacency as a means to sabotage your career and ruin your life.

Thus, the bottom line is that you should STOP being complacent right now and take that extra step forward.

And, finally, to sum up, here is an interesting quote to avoid complacency.

“Everything is easy if you’re crazy but nothing will be easy if you’re lazy”

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