Setting Blogging Goals for 2021 & Beyond

So, finally, the year 2020 is gone that was a mess with the coronavirus taking over our lives as we struggled while being locked inside our homes. Nevertheless, it was essential for us to stay at home and protect ourselves from this virus.

I feel that the entire new year seems like a BIG white canvas that is ripe with possibilities and full of hope.

But, here is the truth…

…this BIG white canvas and endless possibilities in just NOT meant for me – it may be true for everyone, including YOU.

I agree that there is so much to happen in the new year and so many dreams to fulfill that could actually happen. But, we tend to drift through life and as a result, the endless dreams and possibilities never quite happen.

Like it happened in the year 2020 – there were so many things you may have planned and many dreams to be fulfilled.

And, then coronavirus happened…

…BANG! Everything changed since then. There was lockdown, people working from home, children studying at home, etc.

Sounds like a depressing thought!

Not to worry. There is still hope that this year will be different. And, now that the new year started, its time start a fresh and turn over a new leaf while looking beyond in the future. Setting goals for yourself should be the first step before you start anything.

I launched The Fiscal Diet blog in November 2019 as I was passionate about blogging and helping people understand about personal finance and money. I had no real plan, no goals, and no structure but I just wanted to write things I really cared about and share with my audience.

Its been an year since the start of the blog but I’ll admit that things haven’t gone as I had thought though I’ve been able to maintain a decent traffic on my blog.

But, this year I thought to set things straight and write few goals for myself that will help me grow this blog.

Top 7 Blogging Goals for 2021 and going forward

I have decided to set few blogging goals for 2021 and for the future ahead. But, I need to be realistic about my career as a blogger and/or writer and set goals for myself that will not just help me to grow my blog but also help in focusing my time and energy on what is important and what is not.

One of the popular methods I’ve used to set goals for my blog is called the SMART, which stands for Smart, Measurable, Achievable, Relevant, and Time-bound.

Here’re few blogging goals that I’ve written for 2021.

1.  Write more blogs

Remember the simple phenomenon, more the quality content, more it will fetch views and get traffic on the blog. So, my goal for 2021 is to write as many blogs as I can and to be realistic, I’m going to write at least one blog per week for a period of three months.

Though, it may seem to be hectic alongside my day job but as they say, no pain, no gain. Also, when I write more, I’ll be able to produce content that actually sells.

But, lets face it that writing is NOT an easy task as you need to stay committed. The most effective tip you’ll get from any expert writer is that you can only get better by writing more and as often as possible. You need to write often if you want to improve your writing skills.

2. Optimize my blog

This is another goal that I have kept for myself to do Search Engine Optimization (SEO) to NOT just help my blog rank higher on google search results but also keep my blog afresh. This will help me to provide up-to-date information to the audience. Blog SEO is important as it helps you consistently generate traffic to your website.

SEO is also important because when you have a blog that is updated regularly with high-quality blog posts relevant to your audience, it makes a HUGE difference to how you blog performs in the search engines.

3. Treat my blog as a business

Next thing. I’m going to do is to treat The Fiscal Diet blog as a business and think from that perspective.

Yes, you heard it right.

Up till now, I had been blogging just for fun and also I’m really passionate about blogging. But, I’ve to admit one thing that there are well over 440 million blogs on the Internet.

And, if I want to be a successful blogger and make money out of it, then I got to treat my blog as a business because there is so much competition out there. Its high time that I leave old habits of hobby bloggers that will only cost me both time and money. When I treat my blog as a business then it will help me to not just save time but also create better content and generate more traffic to my blog.

Because, if I don’t do this then I’ll have a hard time achieving my blogging goals and thus make money from it. The core of successful blogging is to know how to treat your blog as a business.

I created this blog as I wanted to share some insights and tips to people who struggle in daily lives with personal finance and also wanted to share my skills with my fellow bloggers to achieve their dreams.

However, if I want to make my blogging business dreams a reality then I need to treat my blog as a business.

4. Collaborate with brands and fellow bloggers

I’ve been doing this for a while now as I been connecting with a lot of fellow bloggers over social media to see what’s happening in blogging space. But, I’m going to do this NOW more often and collaborate with them to expand my traffic and reach. It will help also help to build relationships that will be indeed helpful for my blog. Many times, blogging as a solo job and we work on our own but working with fellow bloggers is also a great fun and it can be useful to have another blogger onboard on your blog.

More importantly, it helps you to learn from others and see things from a different perspective. Together you can make a greater impact.

There are several ways where I can work with fellow bloggers like developing an interview series, asking them to write a feature blog, or recommending each other to your readers and brands or even use backlinks in your blogs.

Another thing, I’m going to do is to work with brands as it is NOT just great way to earn an income but it will also help me to share useful products and content with my followers and audience.

6. Sell digital products

And, finally, I’m also going to create some digital products and make them available on my blog for my readers and followers. Selling digital products on your blog is a great way not just to make money but also to share your experience with others

To start with, I will write few ebooks and I want to go slow as I’m targeting to write 1 ebook per quarter. And, later on, I also plan to develop few templates, checklists, and worksheets that will help other bloggers in their blogging journey.

Final thoughts

So, as you can see, 2021 seems like a BIG year for this blog to fulfill my dreams and aspirations and to make money as a blogger. But, this will not stop my passion and love for blogging as I want to enjoy sharing little bit of my world with my readers.

Goal setting is important as creating the right goals make your life much easier and is half the battle won to succeed as a blogger.

What about you? Have you already set your goals for 2021? I’d like to hear what you’ve planned to succeed in the blogging journey. Please let me know in the comments.

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