Money isnt Everything…But Still It Is Important

“Money is not the everything” or “Money cannot buy happiness”

How many times have you heard this quote?

This is certain that YOU cannot buy happiness with money but MONEY still plays an important role in YOUR life.

But, why is MONEY important in life?

When I reflect on this question again, my mind comes up with responses like freedom, choices, power, and the ability to buy various things. 

Money is a necessary commodity that every human being is required to have in order to run their lives. Not only in this era but since the medieval period, money has played an important part and has been an influential commodity.

Importance of money in daily life

In this blog, I’ll share some reasons why money is important in life. Philosophically, it is true that money can’t buy everything but practically, money can influence and make you lead a decent and comfortable life.

Here are 7 reasons to highlight the importance of money in life, which proves that money shouldn’t be ignored:

You can stay happier and relaxed

If you have money in hand then you need not worry about your daily needs or how-to but a meal for the day. It makes you feel more relaxed and have peace of mind without getting stressed. You can go to your favorite places, listen to your preferred concerts, or eat in restaurant of your choice.

You can stay fit and lead a better life

Money gives you the power to have a healthy or a fit life. But, does this mean that people who do not have money cannot lead a healthy life? Of course, they can! However, with money, it becomes easy for you to maintain a healthy lifestyle as you can join a gymnasium or hire a personal trainer or a dietician. Money helps you to reduce your daily struggle and lead a better life.

You can educate yourself and others

In today’s society, education plays an important role and with money, you educate yourself and others in one of the best schools, colleges or universities.

You can be healthier

Our society nowadays is plagued with a lot of diseases so it has become very important for every individual to secure the best healthcare service for you and your family. If you have access to the best hospitals and medical procedures, it helps you to become physically better. Life has become very irregular and you never know what will happen in the next moment. Having access to best medical facilities only increases your chances to live a little longer than others, and this is only possible if you have money.

You can help others in need

Heard of the famous proverb, “A friend in need is a friend indeed.”

If you have money in hand then you can help others in need – making you feel better. You can also fund grants or donate to a charitable organization to help the underprivileged people.  While it is true that money cannot buy happiness, it can definitely help you to feel better about what you do for others.

You can lead a life with authority

Money gives power and authority. All the successful and rich businessmen around the globe have power and authority. There are in this position because they earned it with money in hand.      


So, do you still wonder about how important money is in our daily lives?  With money in your pockets, you feel less worried about meeting basic necessities in life as you can as much food you need, as much clothing you require, or even have a better chance in life with better educational services. We need some cash in our hands because the quality of our life becomes better with some money on our side.

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