How to Save Money from the Online Shopping Festival

With the kickstart of festive season, the online shopping festival have also started on many online retail websites like Amazon and Flipkart. These websites give you the best chance to buy the items of your choice, which you wanted to buy for so long at a lowest price.

That’s not all! Whether it is Amazon’s Great Indian Festival or Flipkart’s Big Billion Sale, you get many offers on jaw dropping prices for several products. It may seem to be tempting to buy your favorite products but there may be times when you go scouting for products and you may lose track of time.

And, you seem to be more frustrated when the products of your choice would go out-of-stock. Here are few tips that you can use to save money while doing online shopping during the festival season.

1. Make a wish list

When you use use the online shopping portals, it can be very tempting as there are so many products with huge discounts been displayed. Its always appropriate to prepare a wishlist before hitting the sale. For example, many online shopping portals offer a feature of wish list where you can add the products of your choice before adding them to your cart.

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2. Be an early bird

Many online shopping websites provide deals that limited for a certain timeframe. Ensure that you log in early to these websites and grab these deals as soon as it is available before its too late. For example, Amazon provides a feature called midnight only deals that allow you to order any products during the midnight.

3. Look for credit card offers

While doing shopping online, you can make use of credit cards from leading banks. Almost, all of the banks offer instant discounts or cashback offers. Therefore, if you’ve an account in any of the banks then it’s a boon. When used wisely, you can make advantage of extra discounts on the already applied discounts. For instance, you can get flat 10% discount or cashback offers when you use credit card as a payment method.

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4. Get an exclusive membership

Being a exclusive member of online retailer really pays. So, if you want to get ahead of others in the deals race then its always appropriate to go for an exclusive membership. For example, you can  becomea Amazon prime member or a Flipkart plus member as it gives you an extra time.

5. Use wallets

When you shop online, you can make use of payment wallets that are integrated into your account. You just have load some money into the wallets and you can use right away without having to enter any 3d security pin or any OTP. And, what more, you also get heavy discounts on using the payment wallets as your payment method or even cashback offers. For example, Paytm provide cashback on using this wallet for the purchase of any item.

6. Use mobile app

Most of the ecommerce outlets have their own mobile apps that you can download on your smartphone both android and iOS. You can leverage the exclusive discounts on various products that is applicable for app only. Many ecommerce giants like Amazon and Flipkart have never left a stone unturned to promote their apps offering huge discounts. Therefore, you should order your products from these apps and save more money.


The festival season have started with the navrtras so has started the online shopping festival as well that will attract you to buy more. You can use these tips to make the best use of the online shopping festival and buy for yourself and for your family and friends.

I hope that you’ll find these tips handy while shopping online during the festival season but if you think you’ve any other tip to share then fell free to drop in the comment below.

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