7 Things to Keep in Mind for Safe Online Shopping

Photo by Karolina Grabowska from Pexels

Online shopping is the most convenient thing to do especially today when we need to maintain social distancing due to COVID-19. All you need to do is to visit your favorite shopping portal, browse through the product catalog, and select the desired product that you want to buy. VOILA! That’s it! Simple isn’t it? There … Read more

Photo by Karolina Grabowska from Pexels

How to Save Money During the Festive Season?

The festival season have begun and it will go on until Diwali with online and offline retailers wooing the customers offering heavy discounts and offers. Due to COVID-19, many people have found themselves in a financial crunch. But, that doesn’t stop anyone to do shopping to buy gifts for family and friends and even pamper … Read more

How to Save Money from the Online Shopping Festival

With the kickstart of festive season, the online shopping festival have also started on many online retail websites like Amazon and Flipkart. These websites give you the best chance to buy the items of your choice, which you wanted to buy for so long at a lowest price. That’s not all! Whether it is Amazon’s … Read more

Digital Detox: What is it and How to Do It?

How many times do you check your phone in a day? Multiple times, right? Smartphones have become the easiest device that connects you virtually with the rest of the world. Besides, there are computers, digital TV and other devices that keep you engaged for the entire day, cutting back the time which you can spend … Read more