5 Benefits to Use Credit Card during the Festival Season

With just few days left for the Diwali festival, the festival shopping is already in place as the prices galore on various online shopping portals. Due to pandemic situation, many people have been forced to be confined at home to maintain social distancing.

However, this hasn’t stopped them to buy gifts and decor items for their home because festivals are not just meant for celebrations but also for great shopping experience. The reason why festival is good time for shopping is because it is during this time when shopping portals like Amazon and Flipkart offer huge discounts. This makes it one of the best times for many shoppers to make online purchases.

All the shopping portals provide variety of options to pay for your purchases. You can either pay by cash or use wallets for online purchases. You can also use your credit cards that offer great deals making it obvious mode of purchase.

Here are various benefits why you should use credit cards for online shopping during the festival season:

1.  Offers EMI option

One of the biggest advantages of using a credit card is that it comes with a low-interest or a no-cost Equated Monthly Installments (EMI) option. This means you can purchase anything you want in easy installments.

Lets say you want to buy a washing machine during this festive season but do not want to spend the entire corpus. So, you can use this option instead to purchase the washing machine for yourself.

2. Provides cashback and reward points

There are many banks that provide cashback options on both offline and online purchases using your credit cards. You can avail cashback on transactions through the credit cards. Not only this, you also get reward points on each of the items you purchase that provides sizeable benefits. You can either redeem them on your next purchase or accumulate them for a period of time and then use it to get a gift.

3. Offers pre-approved loan for urgent fund requirements

If you’ve an excellent repayment history and transaction track record, then you can also avail the loan facility against any credit card. This is called pre-approved loan facility that is sanctioned against the credit limits of the card holders. There are some banks that provide additional credit facilities as well to the elite card holders, which includes the loan amount being over and above the sanctioned credit limit. The pre-approved loan facility allows the card holders to deal with any financial shortage that may occur during the festival season.

4. Improves your credit score

When you shop using your credit card then you need to ensure that you don’t go beyond the credit limit sanctioned to you. Make sure that you make the payments by the due date if you want to build a good credit history. Improving the credit score is important as it helps you to fetch better loan offers.

5. Is unanimously accepted

Credit card is like a companion that have become more of a necessity than a need in todays times. You can take your credit card anywhere you go and it avoids the need to keep the cash in your wallet. Also, most of the credit cards issue by various banks are accepted across the world.


While credit cards can be helpful to make your purchases especially during the festival season, but you should use it responsibly. You must remember the thumb rule of holding the credit card to not make any abrupt purchases that are of no use to you.

There’re a variety of credit cards available so it might be very confusing for you to pick the best one. Almost all the banks that provide credit cards come with similar features but you should choose one that suits your spending pattern.

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