Post-Military Life: Tips for Effective Financial Management

Reentering civilian life after serving your country can be a significant adjustment. In addition to making use of Veteran’s Administration services to help you reacclimate, get settled, and launch the next phase of your life, make time to think about your finances. Give some thought to what you want to do moving forward in your … Read more

7 Reasons Why You Should Start Blogging TODAY

Blogging is dead! Really! If you’re one of those people who think that blogging is no more then you need to think again. There are over 600 million blogs around the globe today out of the 1.7 billion websites with 77.8 million new blog posts published each month on WordPress alone. On average, there’re over 2 million … Read more

5 Best Web Hosting Providers in 2021 for Your Blog

Whether you’re looking to grow your online business, build a portfolio and create a blog, knowing what hosting provider you can trust upon can be little tricky and seems like an enormous headache. There may be some hosting providers that can provide appealing hardware configurations at an affordable price while some providers may provider other … Read more

How to Become a Successful Blogger in 8 Steps?

In my last blog, I had discussed the reasons why it is important to start a blog. Let’s do a bit of a recap. So, you start a blog to establish yourself as an expert, to build relationships and engagement, to help other people, to stand out of the crowd, and so on. Are these … Read more

What are the Blogging Myths You Must Never Believe?

“How can I write a blog”, said a team member to another while having a conversation over coffee. “I am not even an expert writer”, he replied Starting a successful blog seems like a daunting task and a bit scary too, isn’t it? You notice that there’re many bloggers who’re earning from their blog and … Read more

How to Motivate Yourself to Succeed in Blogging?

One of the biggest blogging tips, you can ever get from any blogging expert is to be PERSISTENT and NEVER STOP blogging. There will always times when you’ll feel demotivated and NOT like to blog at all but you still need to carry on. Let’s admit it that you can’t get SUCCESS overnight in blogging. … Read more

7 Things to Keep in Mind for Safe Online Shopping

Photo by Karolina Grabowska from Pexels

Online shopping is the most convenient thing to do especially today when we need to maintain social distancing due to COVID-19. All you need to do is to visit your favorite shopping portal, browse through the product catalog, and select the desired product that you want to buy. VOILA! That’s it! Simple isn’t it? There … Read more

Photo by Karolina Grabowska from Pexels

How to Save Money During the Festive Season?

The festival season have begun and it will go on until Diwali with online and offline retailers wooing the customers offering heavy discounts and offers. Due to COVID-19, many people have found themselves in a financial crunch. But, that doesn’t stop anyone to do shopping to buy gifts for family and friends and even pamper … Read more

How to Save Money from the Online Shopping Festival

With the kickstart of festive season, the online shopping festival have also started on many online retail websites like Amazon and Flipkart. These websites give you the best chance to buy the items of your choice, which you wanted to buy for so long at a lowest price. That’s not all! Whether it is Amazon’s … Read more

Why Build a Core-Satellite Investment Portfolio?

If you thought that ‘core’ and ‘satellite’ terms are used only in geology or astronomy, THINK AGAIN! These terms are often used to describe mutual fund investment strategies. A significant way to make a smart portfolio is to divide the investments into core and satellite.   Core and Satellite is a very old and proven investment approach of … Read more

Money isnt Everything…But Still It Is Important

“Money is not the everything” or “Money cannot buy happiness” How many times have you heard this quote? This is certain that YOU cannot buy happiness with money but MONEY still plays an important role in YOUR life. But, why is MONEY important in life? When I reflect on this question again, my mind comes … Read more

10 Best Free Stock Image Websites for Your Blog

Heard of the famous phrase, “Picture speaks 1000 words.” Yes, this is true. Do you know that a human brain processes images 60,000 times faster than text? Therefore, it is essential to include good stock photos in your blog to grab the attention of the reader and get your message across. Also, images helps your … Read more

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